Hi, I’m Anna 

Personal Development Coach

Personal Development Coach
Escorting you from chaos to clarity so that your days can be calmer and less stressed.

Individual Coaching

What you will receive:

– My full attention

– I will help you discover your greatness and birth it into being

– I will be on time and connect with you right where you are

– I will pour out value and help you get transformational results.

We will be a good fit if:

You are willing to commit to be open and ready to invest in yourself.

– You understand that results do not happen overnight but take time and process

– You are focused and determined to reach your goals.

– You are looking to grow and develop in certain areas in your life

– You are a 28 + year old busy lady looking to put some order in your life

– You are entering a new season in your life

– You are looking for direction and clarity in how to prioritize your time and day


Mastermind Group

This is a great place to:

– Learn from each other’s experiences and relevant trainings
– Grow in various areas of life without reinventing the wheel
– Define what success means to you and create it in an environment
of safety and accountability


What Is Life Coaching?

Coaching is not therapy, counseling or giving medical advice or being told what to do.  But rather, coaching is a two-way relationship, a partnership between coach and client.  The process of coaching is  tailored to YOU, helping you and supporting you reach your goals while focusing on the big picture.  It is goal oriented and driven by YOU the coachee.  Coaching helps the client achieve their personal best and produce the results they want. Here is a short video from my certification agency that will help clarify what coaching is. 

What is coaching with Anna like?

I am known to be friendly and warm and a great listener. I love inspiring people to reach their highest potential and help them find practical skills so that they can set and attain their objectives as they work at their own pace.

‘Anna has a highly developed gift of seeing and mirroring the light in other people’ Charlotte Bamford Christenson, Denmark

‘Encouraged and motivated, I understood that I was capable of reaching  goals I had previously considered unachievable and started taking very practical steps in this direction’ Christina – Athens

‘My time with Anna felt safe and I was totally able to turn up and be me’ Leah – U.K.


Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for people who want to take responsibility for themselves and their lives and are committed to taking action. It is for people who are ready to invest in themselves so that they can significantly improve their personal and professional lives.

  • One can live without a life coach, the difference is that having a life coach, makes your life journey so much more easier knowing that you have support and encouragement to help you achieve your goals as you take steps in becoming your best version in the various seasons of your life.  


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending’  – Maria Robinson

You may need a coach’s help:

  • If you get stuck, feel frustrated or repeat unproductive patterns
  • If you wonder how to move forward especially when facing a difficult challenge
  • If you find it hard to manage your time
  • If focusing on priorities is a challenge
  • If you are going through a transition in life
  • If you are unsure of your next step and need some clarity
  • If you find life overwhelming right now
  • If you could use some support in getting unstuck in areas in your personal life.


My Gift To You.

If you are wondering what it will be like to work with me, I invite you to a ‘get to know you’
session where we can explore how you can move forward from one thing that could be
holding you back.

About Me

You may be a brilliant high achiever.  You are a committed hard worker but life has been overwhelming with demands and commitments.  You may have felt like moving forward in life has been frustrating and you are finding it hard to prioritize so that you can focus on what matters most while finding significance in all you do.

I have been there!  

As an executive administrator of a non-profit organization and spiritual leader, I completely loved my work but found myself overworked and overwhelmed.  I knew deep down that this was not the best way to live life.  How can the work I love cost me my physical and mental health? This lifestyle was no longer acceptable to me.

The turnaround for me came when I realized one summer that BEING was more important than DOING.  It was as clear as daylight that a fulfilled life was all about focusing on what mattered most.   I gradually learnt how to synchronize my everyday activities with my purpose in life .

Since then, I have been healthier and more effective both at home and at work as I intentionally live the best version of my life with grace enjoying my husband of 35 years, two adult sons, an amazing daughter in-grace and 3 grandchildren

                Allow me to help you.

I am a speaker and coach.  I help overloaded high achievers like you discover their strengths, uniqueness and goals so that they can live life everyday with faith, focus, a purpose and a plan.


Working with Anna over these last few months has been so incredibly helpful in my journey, she has helped me understand myself more and why I do what I do. She is an amazing lady, very nurturing, kind and caring and has the right questions to ask you. I found my time with Anna to be very safe and I was totally able to turn up and be me. Thank you, Anna.

Leah – Community Leader

Wales, U.K



Writing down my goals helped me identify what was priority and what was important in every aspect of my life such as health, business, future and my psychological health.

I learnt how to breakdown my goals and prioritize.  I understood that progress was more important than perfection. I often go back to my notes to review our sessions.  Thank you, Anna!

Katerina  L. – Freelancer,  Athens, Greece

In June 2019 I had a physical burn out. It took me 3 months of rest to start recovering.
During my recovery process I realised that if I wanted to live a healthy life, I had to change my habits and lifestyle. I was exhausted and confused and I did not know what needed to be changed, how to change it and where to start.
I started the coaching sessions with Anna in September 2019.
From the very beginning I felt comfortable to open up and share my experiences and feelings. I was treated respectfully and felt safe to share my insecurities, anxieties and fears.  
The coaching I received was very effective, I could see that it was tailored especially for my case and I could put into practice the change process immediately. Anna helped me focus on one thing at a time in a pace that was comfortable for me.

Anna is an outstanding coach with a positive attitude and an attractive personality. She is courteous, companionate and patient. I have enjoyed every second of our sessions.

Dimitra B, Human Resource Manager Thessaloniki, Greece

I have been fully satisfied with the session I had with Anna and I have definitely seen results. I really enjoyed how she helped me identify the underlying issues and step by step guided me toward solving them.  She provided me with tips and best practices that will help me stay on the right path.

Sharon A – Sales and Catering Corordinator Virginia, U.S.A.


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