My name is Anna Marangoudaki and my passion is to help you find and explore your best version by creating your personal vision.

My name is Anna Marangoudaki and my passion is to bring out the best in people. I am a speaker and coach and hold a degree in counseling and an MA in leadership.  I help overloaded high achievers discover their strengths, uniqueness and goals so that they can live life everyday with clarity and focus on what matters most.

My Story

My 25 plus year position as an executive administrator of a non-profit organization and spiritual leader has allowed me to work with various nationalities and cultures as I helped them explore their God given magnificence and significance.

I completely loved my work but found myself overworked and overwhelmed.  I knew deep down that this was not the best way to live life.  How can the work I love cost me my physical and mental health? This lifestyle was no longer acceptable to me.
The turnaround came when I realized one summer that BEING was more important than DOING.  It was as clear as daylight -a fulfilled life was all about focusing on what mattered most.  I knew I mattered and that life was going to be how I choose it to be. So, I took a pause and invested in myself by developing myself and growing and making the necessary changes. I gradually learnt how to synchronize my everyday activities with my purpose in life.
Since then, I have been healthier and more effective both at home and at work as I intentionally live the best version of my life with grace enjoying everyday life while fulfilling my purpose. 

Here is how I can be of service to you:

Finding Clarity

You may be a brilliant high achiever.  You are a committed hard worker but life has been overwhelming with demands and commitments. Being clear makes living with vitality possible. 

Being Focused

You may have felt like moving forward in life has been frustrating and you are finding it hard to prioritize and focus on what matters most while finding significance in all you do.

Design Your Personal Vision

Having a personal vision is of utmost importance to living life well. We will work on exploring and designing your personal vision so that your every day life is intentional and purpose filled.


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