Managing Time

I was talking to a client the other day about the most important areas she wanted to intentionally build which was mainly around relationship with spouse, children and her personal development. All of a sudden she realized that it all had to do with TIME MANAGEMENT!...

Planning Life or Just Floating

Planning Life or Just Floating

It sounds so romantic to say this! I picture a dame standing at the shores in the early rise of the morning with the sun majestically rising and there she is with the soft wind breeze wrapping her sculptured curvy body and the waves gently touching her toes….wherever the wind blows I will flow! So utterly romantic and freeing!

According to the Macmillan dictionary, the definition of this phrase means to move without planning or thinking.

A huge percentage of mankind lives a life that is directed by the will of the winds of life! And many times these winds are furious and take you places you never wished to go.

Decades go by before we realize that we had allowed ourselves to go wherever the wind blew with very little planning or thinking regarding our lives.

Years often go by before we begin asking the important questions that will help us evaluate and give direction to the kind of life that is in alignment with our purpose.

Questions like : What purpose do I have on earth? Do I matter to anyone? What am I contributing to my world? What will matter to me most when I leave this earth? What are my most important values?

Why is it easier to go where the wind blows – no planning or thought? In my humble experience, this is what I discovered:

1: Not realizing that I and only I am responsible for the choices I make in my life.
It is so much easier to blame our gender, colour, background, family, government, and everything else imaginable than the person we see in the mirror every day.

2: Not having a clear vision of what I desire out of my life.
When I don’t have a picture of what I want for the various areas of my life, I have no destination. When the destination is not clear then there is confusion, frustration and stress.

3: Not knowing how to navigate through the hurdles and storms of life.
Life can be too much at times and it can feel like I am drowning. Remembering that there is a HUGE difference between life happening TO me or FOR me is the game winner. ‘TO ME’ is an attitude of a victim but ‘FOR ME’ is an attitude of a victor who is determined, though afraid, not to drown.

What will it be then? Follow the wind which means moving without planning or thinking OR follow my road map?

You and I matter and life is not a rehearsal but lived ONCE. Let’s live it well and finish strong.

Making Your Day INCREDIBLY Great.

Making Your Day INCREDIBLY Great. There was a time when I believed that having a great day was a matter of luck or it all depended on the circumstances of the day.  Who called you on the phone, what bill came in the mail, how rude the shop assistant was or the fact...

Αντιμετωπίζοντας την Τελειομανία

“Πρόοδος και όχι τελειότητα” τα διάσημα λόγια της Lara Casey που με βοήθησαν πολλές φορές να ηρεμήσω την φωνή της τελειομανίας όταν έρχεται για να με σαμποτάρει.  Ένα από τα πράγματα που έχω μάθει είναι ότι οι στόχοι που βάζουμε πρέπει να είναι...

Tackling Perfectionism

“Progress and not perfection” Lara Casey’s famous words have helped me many times calm the perfectionist voice that would rise to sabotage me. One of the things I have learnt is that goals should be flexible to change and adjustment.  It is interesting how...

Φροντίδα του εαυτού μου

Γιατί η ιδέα να φροντίζουμε τους εαυτούς μας φαίνεται εγωιστική; Εν τούτοις, το να επενδύουμε στον εαυτό μας είναι μια από τις μεγαλύτερες επενδύσεις που μπορεί να κάνει κάποιος είτε σωματικά, είτε συναισθηματικά, είτε πνευματικά ή κοινωνικά. Είναι ενδιαφέρον ότι μία...

Simple Facts About You

Simple Facts About You  Over 300 million sperms rush to the ovary and normally only one makes it! That one is YOU!!   How incredible is that?  The good book in Psalm 139 :15 says  “My frame was not hidden from You, when I was being formed in...

Allocating Time

In a little less than 4 months and it will be the end of 2020! For some of us, it will be a relief.
The beginning of a new year always gives us a sense of a new beginning. The truth of the matter is though, we can start a new year any time we wish. The way we respond to life and not how we react to it is what makes the difference.
The way we manage time reflects on the way we live our life. Are we leading our life or are we being led by life? Time management is really about the way we manage ourselves.
Time is irreplaceable and irretrievable. Once it is gone, it is gone! Everything we do in life takes time. Everything we achieve or work on takes time. Time cannot be saved but only spent. You and I can allocate or reallocate time to what is of various levels of priority to us.
Time management is the skill we learn so that we can choose the sequence of events in our everyday lives. That is an incredible freedom we sometimes take lightly or to some extent do not realize the powerful gift that it is.
Self discipline is the backbone of managing time well so that we do not miss out on living our everyday life with intentionality.
2020 was a year of unexpected change, disorientation, loss but also an opportunity to re-evaluate our lives. How are we going to close the year? Here are a few questions to consider as you get ready to close the year.
What must change?
You cannot have anyone else be responsible for your dreams and desired achievements. What must change at home, at work, with various relationships to reach your end goal?
What did I fail to design in my life?
You are the architect of your life. What did the pandemic teach you that you now need to implement in your life everyday or every week or month?
What was not good use of my time?
There are high level priorities and low level priorities. What goes in which category?
What do I want to continue doing and why?
What habits have helped you that you feel you want to keep and/or increase
What must I stop doing and why?
What new habits should I begin building and why?
It takes time to process, it takes time to plan, it takes time to make the decision and act. Action is allocating time to what is vital so that you and I are now leading our life rather than life leading us.
Make time to live your best version everyday.

Busy Bee Betty

Busy Bee Betty I don’t think there is any female who is not a busy bee. If your world is filled with women, you can hear the sound of bees in the air from 3 year olds to 103 year olds….bzzbzzzbzzz!!  Garnier Fructis did a survey and discovered that on...



‘Where has time gone?’ is a common question we throw out when we encounter a person or place that no longer looks as we remember.  Maybe it is a friend we have not seen in years or our nephews who now look like little men though only a short while has passed...

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