It takes some courage and intentional living to actually sit down and look at how your first quarter went. It does not matter if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, student, stay at home parent or professional, taking time out to evaluate your past 90 days means that you are serious about your life and future.

Your findings might be disappointing or satisfactory. We usually tend to dwell more on what we did not get done than what we have actually accomplished.

Here are a few thoughts that might actually help you fairly and gracefully evaluate your past 90 days:

1: Start off with the things that you were able to accomplish even if it moved your needle an inch towards your goal.
Smile and give yourself a tap on the shoulder congratulating yourself. Write it down in your journal or on any piece of paper. It is necessary to document your accomplishment. I used to think it was silly to write my accomplishments down and circle it in red and blue and give myself a star. I trained myself to do it when I realized that my brain (this super organ) needs to see it and my emotions need to feel the celebrations. Just a nod will not suffice for my brain.

2: Attitude – choose between complaining and whining about what went wrong or taking the opportunity of looking at the options and possibilities and believing for the best. whatever attitude I chose, it will determine how well I will continue walking the next quarter of the year. There is no point in wasting energy on worry and fear.

3: Be intentionally grateful. I sat down and wrote all those things that come to mind that I am truly grateful for. Gratitude builds resilience! And I needed some resilience! So, I went ahead and sent notes to people that I was so grateful for this past quarter. Releasing gratitude was so refreshing.

You can do this!
Anna Marangoudaki, M.A, A.C.C
Personal Development Coach


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