Intrusive thought of as something negative. They don’t always have to be negative. Sometimes they are good intrusive thoughts.

However, those intrusive negative thoughts can be paralyzing and set you off into a panic.
Intrusive thoughts are intruding upon your peace bringing frustration, stress and overwhelm.

Intrusive thoughts don’t have to paralyze you, nor overwhelm you or cause you to live in a vicious cycle of stress.

Intrusive thoughts can be made powerless in our lives if we are willing to give it the attention and effort needed to handle them.

Here is what I learnt about intrusive thoughts from experts such as Dr. Caroline Leaf.

– They don’t just appear – they are a result of some disturbing or traumatic event that I had passed through and have not dealt with. So, the feelings and strong emotions that resulted remained suppressed as I just ‘got on with life’ and never addressed them.
– Intrusive thoughts are part of our human nature and I can learn to manage them so that they don’t manage me.

It is scientifically proven that we store every thought in 3 places – mind, brain and body.
The ones that disturb my peace are ones that have NOT been processed properly. These thoughts trigger certain emotions, behaviours and perceptions thus affecting my body with discomfort such as stomach and muscle tension, to name a few.

I can suppress it but it will appear again stronger than before because it was never processed.

The consciousness and awareness of the thought weakens its effect thus allowing me the chance to change it or add to it.

First steps to managing these thoughts?

– Make scheduled time. I deliberately take time to face these thoughts and give them answers and recognition then action. Practicing this will help me to automatically handle those thoughts when they show up suddenly during the day as I am going about my business.
– Acknowledge the thought without judgement
– Embrace the emotions that come with it
– Then ask yourself: How TRUE are these thoughts? Am I catastrophizing? What thoughts are more life giving than the thoughts and emotions I have presently? Do I want these thoughts to define me? What will I do to change these thoughts?

Let us excel and educate ourselves in keeping our mind healthy because our thoughts define us. It is absolutely okay to ask for help so as to manage our minds well. I am responsible for who I am becoming.

You CAN do this!

Anna Marangoudaki, M.A, A.C.C
Personal Development Coach



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