Leading Yourself

‘Wherever the wind blows’ according to the Macmillan dictionary, the definition of this phrase means to move without planning or thinking. 


A huge percentage of mankind lives a life that is directed by the will of the winds of life!  And many times these winds are furious and take you places you never wished to go.  


Decades go by before we realize that we had allowed ourselves to go wherever the wind blew with very little planning or thinking regarding the decisions we make.  


It is necessary to ask the important questions that will help us evaluate and give direction to the kind of life we were designed to live. 


Questions like : What purpose do I have on earth?  Do I matter to anyone? What am I contributing to my world?  What will matter to me most when I leave this earth? What are my most important values? 


Why do we seem to float to  wherever the wind blows – no planning or thought? In my humble experience, this is what I discovered: 


1: Not realizing that I and only I am responsible for the choices I make in my life.   

It is so much easier to blame our gender, colour, background, family, government,  and everything else imaginable  than the person we see in the mirror every day. 


2: Not having a clear vision of what I desire out of my life.   

When I don’t have a picture of what I want for the various areas of my life, I have no destination.  When the destination is not clear then going wherever the wind blows is the norm. 



3: Not knowing how to navigate through the hurdles and storms of life.   

Life can be too much at times and it can feel like I am drowning.  Remembering that there is a HUGE difference between life happening TO me or FOR me is the game winner.  


‘TO ME’ is an attitude of a victim but ‘FOR ME’ is an attitude of a victor who is determined, though afraid, NOT TO DROWN. 


What will it be then?  Follow the wind wherever it may blow or get a vision for myself? 


You and I matter and life is not a rehearsal but lived ONCE.  Let’s live it well. 


You can do this! 


Anna Marangoudaki, M.A, A.C.C 

Personal Development Coach 

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