Living Life With Intention – Part 1

Life is a beautiful tapestry woven with the threads of time. Each day, we are granted 24 precious hours, which collectively form the building blocks of weeks, months, and years. 


Living with intention means consciously making choices based on our values, passions and aspirations rather than drifting through life without purpose. 


Unfortunately, many of us were not blessed to receive guidance on the matter neither at home or at school.  However, it is never too late to choose to develop this essential aspect of personal development – living life intentionally.  


Living life with intention requires more than education and knowledge although these aspects are crucial.  It is the combination of education, knowledge AND personal reflection and application that will help us live life with intention.  


There are 3 elements I have learnt that once cultivated serve as a solid foundation to living life with intention. 


The first element is CHANGE. 


Learn to embrace change. Our world is constantly changing, most especially after the pandemic.  From the onset, some of us realized that life was completely altered and a new normal was on the horizon.  


There were those of us who yearned for the familiar routine of life and believed that these changes were temporary but time has shown how wrong we were.  


Will we rise to the occasion and embrace the need for transformation or will we stubbornly cling to the past and resist the inevitable shifts that life brings? Change demands change!   


Stepping up to the challenges presented by change requires of us to be courageous and open minded with a desire to learn and grow.  


To change does not have to be overwhelming.  Lasting change that brings the kind of outcome you desire begins with baby steps.  One baby step at a time.  


The benefits of baby step change are rewarding.  Firstly, by breaking the desired change into baby steps makes it more approachable and less intimidating. Rather than tackling everything at once, we can FOCUS on ONE SMALL action or habit at a time.   This builds momentum while working towards the goal. 


Taking baby steps allows us to cultivate patience and perseverance.  Change is hardly ever instantaneous. It is through CONSISTENT effort and dedication that transformation takes place. Overtime, these incremental changes accumulate and create significant progress.  


Change does not have to be overwhelming or a daunting task.  The kaizen rhythm is what helps us implement change with greater ease and confidence.  


Intentional living is best accomplished by embracing change one baby step at a time.  

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