Living Life With Intention – Part 2

Living life intentionally is undoubtedly a challenge but a challenge worth taking if we are to live life well.  


In part 1 of this article we talked about the importance of embracing CHANGE which is one of the fundamental and foundational elements of living life with purpose and intention. 


The second element is COURAGE.  Courage is what enables us to face fear, danger, uncertainty and adversity with resilience and strength.  It is the ability of facing difficult and challenging situations that usually involve risks or sacrifices.    


Courage involves stepping outside of our comfort zone and taking action despite the possibility of failure or undesirable outcome.   

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt  

When we live intentionally we are constantly faced with the question whether the change I am pursuing is more important than the roadblocks in my way. 

Courage is when I keep pushing forward especially when I seemingly have no more strength to keep going. 

Napoleon Bonapart said it so well – “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte 

The extent one desires the transformation is reflected in one’s willingness to be courageous against all odds.  Courage is the fuel that drives one forward to accomplishing their desired outcome.  Courage has a deep sense of purpose and faith in the potential of a better tomorrow even if today was a failure.  

A third element to living life intentionally is CONFIDENCE.  Confidence does not necessarily mean one is not feeling insecure or in doubt but it is the acknowledgement that in spite of the doubt, they have faith and are willing to take the risk.   

Confidence is the breeding ground of self–efficacy.  When a person has confidence they are more likely to take on challenges, set goals and persist in the face of adversity.  

As confidence is cultivated, self-efficacy grows and enables the person to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.  

Confidence is learning to sail one’s ship in the middle of the storms of life and the feeling of inadequacy.  

Intentional living is a life that is challenging but its rewards are not only rewarding but generational.   Embrace change, it is inevitable. Choose to be courageous and confident so as to live life with purpose and satisfaction.  

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