Making Your Day INCREDIBLY Great

There was a time when I believed that having a great day was a matter of luck or it all depended on the circumstances of the day.  Who called you on the phone, what bill came in the mail, how rude the shop assistant was or the fact that the deadline on a project was moved forward!!   

This kind of mindset did not allow me to either enjoy my day or stick to the priorities of the day. 

A day is great because you have decided to make it great. 

A great day starts from within and not dependent on your environment, no matter the circumstances. 

We all have been given the gift of life within the parameters of 24 hours to live in, on earth.  How I live it, how I use these 24 hours is all up to me.  What a gift!!

My 24 hours starts after midnight. When I start living it is up to me.  You may start your day at 5 or 6, 7 or 8 in the morning.  You may have a weird work schedule which affects when your day starts.

No matter when your 24 hour starts, ask yourself if it aligns with who you want to be on that day – spirit, soul and body.   How do I choose to think? What do I choose to eat? What attitude will I have today regarding work, family, relationships, study?  How do I want to treat my body toay?

When I stepped into my 50th birthday, the most incredible thing took place.  I was shaken by the fact that according to statistics, I probably have 25-35 years to live on earth.  In a split second I had to decide if this was something that will sadden me or spur me on to finish well.  Was it a realization I wanted to ignore, run away from or was it something that will excite me to evolve to finding greater essence and intentional living so that I am still living on after I am gone?  It is always a choice.

You don’t have to reach 50 to decide to be intentional with your life.  No one can tell how long they will live, but they can decide how well they will live it NOW.

Living life intentionally means having a personal vision that is crafted in my everyday life so that my everyday becomes INCREDIBLY great even in the midst of a storm.  

If that is your heart, if I have disturbed you with this thought (I hope I have!) then I would encourage you to:

1: Be grateful you are alive today and you are where you are and who you are with

2: Decide that you are of greater value than you think because God does not create cheap, meaningless creations. You are a masterpiece!

3: Know there is more IN you than meets the eye – start with ONE thing you are proud of!

Cheering you on to an intentional prosperous life


Anna Marangoudaki, MA, ACC
Personal Development Coach

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