On January 1st you decided you are going to lose 10 kilos come Spring.  You got your gym clothes ready and your one year gym fee paid in advance.    


You started off excited with a vision of how you will look minus 10 kilos and all the clothes you will be able to fit in.    


You got your affirmation written out so you could say it to yourself every time you are on your way to the gym.  


A month later, the vision of you minus 10kg has faded and it has become harder and harder to get out of bed and go to the gym.   


For many reasons – it was raining.  I didn’t have enough gas in the car. My legs are hurting. My cat died. I have too much work and a deadline to meet.  My spouse is ill.  They may all be true but they are all excuses in light of your goals that make up your vision. 


Dani Johnson – Excuses are a well planned lie!  


No matter how good and understandable your excuse is, it becomes a lie when your vision for your life is far more urgent than any obstacle you could face.   


If it is important enough for you, you will find a way if it is not that important you will find an excuse why it cannot be done.  Your vision must be stronger than your excuse.  In fact, you and I are a so much stronger than we think. 


One of the reasons I love working out with a trainer is because I can trust my trainer’s knowledge of how far I can push myself safely.   


I had been tempted several times to stop half way through our run or exercise and tell him it was way too much for me and that he was being mean and heartless asking me to run another round. My legs hurt, my muscles ached!   


However, I trusted him more than I trusted my excuses. So, I refused to give voice to my excuse!  


Here is a tip I learnt:  One way to accomplish your goals is to find an accountability partner. It could be a friend who loves you and will honestly support you.   Make sure they will be honest enough to tell you when you are making excuses and will not let you get away with it!  Don’t give your excuses any more power! 


You can do this! 


Anna Marangoudaki, M.A, ACC 

Personal Development Coach 

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