What is self-esteem?  It is how we perceive our worth and value as an individual.   


What is your value where relationships are concerned?  Do you highly respect yourself that you will not allow yourself to be someone’s rubbish bin where they can dump their gossip, and drama that they do not plan to resolve?  Do you value your time so that it is well invested on things that matter most so that your life is lived well? 


What value and standard do you choose to live by when it comes to your work ethics?  It is not about whether the boss or company deserves your loyalty and hard work.  It is all about how you value yourself as an employee and professional.   Your value is based on how you value yourself.  You want to be priceless for the organization or company you work for because that is who you are – priceless. 


Self-Care is all about what you intentionally do to nurture yourself and prioritize your well-being.  To my mind, if one has a healthy self-esteem, they will self-care because they understand their value and worth.     Sometimes we think that looking after ourselves is selfish but the truth is, it is the greatest gift we could give to our relationships, jobs and to the world around us.  


Self-care is not self- indulgence but self-protection and preservation so as to live your best version that you and the world deserve.   


Madeleine L’Engle “When I am constantly running there is no time for being.  When there is no time for being there is no time for listening.”       Self-Care helps you pause from the business of life so you can re-evaluate and be the valuable unique person you were created to be.  

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