Starting Your Year Strong Part 2

It is almost the end of the year and as we get ready to start a New Year which will come upon us whether we are ready or not, here are 3 steps that will help us finish strong so we can start the New Year strong:

In Part 1, I talked about number 1 – Evaluating.

2: Declutter – It is like getting ready to take a journey. What will you pack in your suitcase to make 2023 intentionally good so that you can be who you want to be this new year. Declutter takes careful planning having in mind who you want to be in the coming year. Here are a few example areas to declutter:

A. Declutter – Your calendar. What things do you need to stop doing and what things do you need to start doing? What things do you need to do less of or more of? What things should you continue doing?

B. Declutter your relationships – who do you value in this season and you need to spend time with? Relationships grow only when watered. Take time to decide who you need this new year. There are relationships you need to water in 2023 and there are other relationships you need to release as they are not part of your destiny. Who do you need to spend more time with or less time with?

C: Declutter your finances – what expenses do you need to cut off? Where do you need to invest and why?

D: Declutter your health – what food should you stop eating and why? What area of your health do you need to focus on – fitness, diet, a particular area of your body.

3: Realign – This has to do with your Personal Vision and Priorities. Are you taking baby steps towards your personal vision? If you lose sight of your personal vision, you lose motivation. If you lose sight of the kind of future you want for yourself, you lose motivation. It is important to do something every day that is connected to your future. Are you taking baby steps towards your personal vision?

Sometimes our priorities change but our vision stays the same. This means that we may need to reorganize our priorities as situations that are out of our control might demand, BUT we never lose sight of our vision.

Realignment will take time spent thinking and planning. It may mean working with a professional coach who can methodically and strategically help you find or clarify your vision so you can realign and move forward.

You can do this!

Anna Marangoudaki, MA, ACC
Personal Development Coach

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