Alone time has the potential to be transformative. Moreover, how you choose to utilize your alone time can alter the course of your life. Prioritizing quality alone time on a daily basis will assist you in living each day with purpose and intention. 


Alone time can be as long as you desire it to be. It is truly remarkable what one can achieve by dedicating just 20 minutes to an activity that will bring personal benefit or contribute to your future.   


The power of 20 minutes is remarkable.Here are a few examples of where you can invest 20 minutes and see yourself grow.  


  • Spending 20 minutes reading a book can aid in skill development and lead to life-changing decisions through the knowledge gained, potentially saving years of your life. Similarly, dedicating 20 minutes to listening to a podcast can provide motivation and set a positive attitude for the day. 


  • Dedicating just 20 minutes to a combination of stretching and exercise can invigorate your body and elevate your mood, setting the stage for a fantastic day ahead. 


  • Spending 20 minutes in meditation and connecting with your creator invites heaven into your daily life. Living with a deep awareness and nurturing a relationship with our loving creator and His profound wisdom enriches and empowers our soul. This practice gives purpose and meaning to our existence on earth. 


  • Taking just 20 minutes to listen to yourself, free from the noise and busyness of life, allows you to become aware of your thoughts and emotions. This habit helps you process any irrational beliefs that may hinder how you plan not only your day but the weeks, months and years to come.  In other words, your future.  


  • In just 20 minutes, I can design a productive day for myself by answering a set of questions inspired by Coach Brendon Burchard. Some of these questions include: What are the three most important goals for today? Do these goals align with my weekly and monthly objectives? Who needs me to be on my A game today? Who can I reach out to with love and support through a text or phone call? 


Do not underestimate the power of 20 minutes. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. 

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