Too Busy to Live Well

I don’t think there is hardly any female who is not busy.  Garnier Fructis did a survey and discovered that women need 82 minutes extra per day to accomplish everything on their to do list. Time never seems to be enough! 

Busy Betty is juggling her career demands, plus driving the kids to and from activities, running the home, finding time with the spouse and seeing friends as well as running the daily tasks of life. 

Busy Betty is looking out for everyone’s needs but her own. Betty loves her job and she is great at it but the demands and competition seem to be taking a toll on her physical and mental energy.   

The pressure of being a great mom and wife accompanied with high career expectations has brought Betty to a place of complete overwhelm and feeling at a loss.    

Betty starts taking tranquilizers off the counter, light and harmless but that does not help much. She talks to her friend on the phone for hours about how she is feeling hoping to get some support. Her friend tells her that she needs to stop doing so much.  She talks to her husband who also says she needs to slow down.   

Busy Betty cannot afford to slow down or cut back on anything.  Everything is important in her life – her profession, the kids, the family – there is nothing she can cut out or slow down on!!  Overwhelm, frustration and chaos is Betty’s world.  

Betty does not need someone telling her what she should do or how she should do it.   

She needs someone to come alongside her and help her capture her vision for her family and career.   

Busy Betty wants to be healthy, strong and beautiful with a great family and a flourishing career  – why not?  Why should she have to sacrifice the one or the other? 

Busy Betty is right!  She can have the cake and eat it too!  

No, this is not for the movies nor a fairytale story.  Busy Betty can live a productive life in every area of her life.  

How? Good question!   

I would like to introduce you to the profession of the coach.   

A coach will walk alongside Betty helping her through powerful questions to discover who she is and what she truly wants. A coach supports her as she explores her purpose so that she can design the kind of life she envisions and desires so that she can live her every day with vitality focusing on what matters most.  

A coach is not a consultant or an advisor nor a therapist or counselor.  A coach is your friend in the journey of life who will challenge you to live your best life today.  

Having a coach is investing in yourself and your future.  

Busy Betty went from stressed to blessed. From overwhelmed to intentional. 

Life is a gift and worth living it well – along with its challenges! 

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